WiX Tools is killing me…

About a year ago I’ve created a simple msi installer for excel plugin. The whole idea was, to copy the proper .xll file to known folder on C drive and enable it by default in Excel. Pretty straightforward and somebody in the team just knew what the solution could be: WiX Installer.

I don’t really remember how it all went down, but I’ve just needed to install WiX tools and edit already existing config file. A year ago it took me about a day to produce msi file that was ready for distribution.

This year it took me similar amount of time to make Visual Studio to work again…

It all started with Raja coming and telling me that there is a problem with msi installer. apparently because it requires user to accept EULA it cannot be installed automatically using Group Policy on all of our machines. He also told me that it should be quite simple to make it checked by default and the installation should proceed as normal.

So I went to the old project and tried to open in VS 2017. No such luck, two projects refuse to load. One of them is incompatible with VS2017 the other could not load files that were required:



Hoping that it would fix the issue I went on and tried to download. Installing it however might be a little more difficult

I’ve managed to Install weekly develop builds, but I’m stuck with this as I can’t uninstall this version, nor can I actually find where it’s installed (installer didn’t show any path, nor is there anything in the start menu window).

Visual studio

More great news came, when I tried to install WiX Visual Studio Extension. After unexpected VSIX Installer crash my visual studio refused to start. The solution was very convoluted as I had to disable Pen (!) support for VS.

I just can’t wait for next rundown with this particularly interesting piece of s…. oftware.

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