Headphones review Sennheiser MM-100 – 5th year on

Senheissermm100I despise wired headphones. They make my life miserable and I just break them. Throughout my life I have broken at least 5 pair of wired headphones – usually when cable get under the wheels of the chair following my abrupt standing up.

So around 5 years ago, when I was commuting for a little under an hour from Gdańsk to Tczew, I bought myself as a gift for Christmas Sennheiser MM-100 bluetooth headphones. And they rocked.

They have 5 buttons (vol+, vol-, forward, backwards and power/pair/answer multi function button). The multifunction button is a little tricky to press for the first few times, but then you learn easily where to press it so it works every time.

You can even see them on my profile picture

One of the great advantages of those headphones is their durability: I was walking with them during rain, I sat on them (several times) and basically I’ve used them every day for 5 years. And the only thing they ever needed was change of battery, which just died after 4 years of usage (I estimate that is more or less 1000 power cycles, since I’ve charged them almost every night).

They’re great on a bike, walk and almost everywhere with an exception of pools.

There are of course problems with them, since there aren’t any flawless products, but they’re not that noticeable. The most annoying part is that buttons management can hang itself during work. Basically all 5 buttons stop working, no matter how many times you click them, nothing will happen. The headphones continue to work (playing music, talking on the phone). But you have to do everything from phone/tablet. The only way to ‘reset’ them in this way is to disconnect phone for an hour (they will automatically shutdown) or connect a charger.

Which brings me to my other problem with them – non standard plug. It is some kind of almost-micro-usb plug that makes life very difficult if you forget the right cable. Personally I’ve always kept it connected and charged it everyday so it was not a problem for me. However if you tend to mess with things around it might be an issue.

On the light note: the buttons work flawlessly (back and forth), which I can’t say about other bluetooth headphones that I have (*cough*boseqc35*cough*), they’re very minimal, discreet and easy to carry everywhere. Literally everywhere.


  • Durable (5 years later and they look almost like new)
  • Very functional buttons
  • Long battery life (7.5h)


  • Headphones can hang (power down is required)
  • They have non-standard power plug

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