I’ve disconnected Network Interface on Azure VM

Why oh why did somebody at Microsoft figured out, that right clicking on context menu element should actually be considered a click. And why oh why somebody else figured out that ‘disable’ is great first option when you’re right clicking on a network interface.

Now take those two small nuances and add a little network lag and if you do it just right you will end up with the title of this post.

Now the problem is going back. The VM has just one network interface, so you can’t connect to it, but you can still manage it through Azure portal.

There was a lot of solutions for old azure portal, some very convoluted that included creating a new Network Interface and Network Security Group and then connecting via Powershell and stitching it all together with one of the longest command I’ve seen so far with at least 5 distinct Guids thrown there to make things interesting.

Ultimately however what worked for me was quite simply to go to Network Interface and change IP address of the machine. That forced Network Interface to be recreated (and new ones are enabled by default) which after a restart and few minutes made machine available again.

Nevertheless it took me about 3 hours to bring a machine back after a simple missclick.

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