For several years now I’m big fan of podcasts and audiobooks. They offered easy and  approachable source of news and knowledge. It all started during my long commute from Gdynia to Tczew, when I was working as a contractor at Gemalto. Me and three of my coworkers were carpooling from Gdynia and we had different driver each week. Either way it was an hour long highway journey with nothing really to do.

I’ve started to listen to audiobooks from Audible back then, that made my rides more interesting to the point that I was almost looking forward to my trip. I even got a pair of bluetooth headphones, which I’ve described in previous post.

Back then my listening tastes revolved mostly around sci-fi books and other action-packed positions. With time I’ve switched more and more towards podcasts, as they offer more news and actual knowledge on a daily basis.

Currently my (walking) commute takes approximately 30 minutes in each direction, so I spend around 5-7 hours listening do podcasts weekly. I will try to describe which podcasts I listen to daily, and briefly explain why.


  • Hanselminutes – a podcast where Microsoft MVP interviews different developers from diverse environments. It’s very broad and helps me uncover new fields, which might be of interest.
  • .NET Rocks! – various technologies centered around C#. A little annoying music and jokes, but knowledge is very valuable 😉 I can learn new technologies and methodologies that might help me in everyday work.
  • DevTalk – polish podcast about programing and things interesting for modern developers. It often talks about what problems developer struggles with and what could be possible solutions.


  • Security Now – this is one of the oldest podcasts in my collection. Weekly news about breaches, vulnerabilities and bad practices that can be found in the tech world. It helps me keep up to date with current threats on the internet.
  • Na Podsłuchu – fresh polish podcast (only 3 episodes so far) about security of banking transactions (but further episodes will probably be about different subject). As general banking transaction security is known subject it was rather refresher with few gemstones of knowledge inside.

General / Knowledge

  • 99% Invisible – each episode is about some at first glance very insignificant subject, and aim at showing complexity that lies beneath.
  • Criminal – history of crimes and people that perpetuated them, or was accused of.
  • Freakonomics Radio – “outrageous” economics approach to everyday things.
  • TED Radio Hour – a mix of few TED talks about common subject crunched together as radio show.


  • This Week in Tech – a weekly digest of tech news from (mostly) Silicon Valley. This is where I look for new gadgets recommendations.
  • The Rubin Report – a talk show with various political agents about recent events and ideologies. I tend to avoid political subject as they mostly divide people and try to focus on ideologies more.


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