HP X4000b – connection issues so bad, it makes me cringe

hpx400bSome time ago I’ve bought an ultrabook laptop. It was very light, had a nice screen and was enough for daily web usage. The only problem I had (as with every laptop) was the touchpad. In my opinion, touchpads are devil’s spawn and should be avoided at all cost.

Since it was ultrabook I tough – “Hey, wouldn’t it be neat to use a Bluetooth mouse with it? It wouldn’t have any USB dongles sticking on sides”

So after few minutes of searching, I’ve found HP X4000b Bluetooth mouse. It was neat looking, had a blue light and it seemed just perfect as pointing device for a secondary computer. And since it was secondary computer and I rarely was using it I haven’t noticed its obvious flaws at the beginning.

The overall¬†impression is good, the mouse is good-looking, clicks and roll work perfectly. At the bottom there is power and connect buttons. Connecting it is quite simple, you just click “connect” and search for it on your computer’s Bluetooth tab. The real problems start when you actually want to use it. Despite being 30cm from the laptop it would lose connection and simply stop working. The computer will still think it’s connected (so touchpad might not be working as well if you configure it that way) but no movement or clicking registers. It usually reconnects correctly after … wait for it.. 5-15 seconds.

Additionally, there is no indication what it’s actually doing. You have blue/red light that will inform you about battery status, but there is no ‘connected’ indicator on the mouse. If only there would be USB dongle I could connect I would be more than happy to do it, but no such luck.

I’ve tried it with two other devices (Dell Inspiron and Surface 4 Pro) with similar results. Mouse just randomly disconnect (even while in use) and have trouble reconnecting. Now I know that it might be a problem of this particular model or Bluetooth protocol (which has connection issues – I know, since I have 2 pairs of Bluetooth headphones), however, I will never consider buying a Bluetooth mouse again.


  • Good design
  • Buttons and roll works perfectly


  • Unusable, due to connection problems

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