Coding Blocks – great recommendation for beginners

Last week, our colleague Douglas (who hopefully is quite successful in combating dehydration and other threats during his trip to south-east Asia) recommended to me a  programming podcast Coding Blocks. And since object-oriented design patterns were never my strongest side I’ve decided to take some time and try to give it a try. So I immediately downloaded around 30 episodes, which totally clogged my weekly podcast queue.

I’m using BeyondPod podcast player, with an ability to prioritize certain feeds. In my case, those prioritized feeds are This Week in Tech and Security Now. I just enjoy rants about tech companies and weekly digest on new vulnerabilities and hacks. Everything else is thrown into one big bag and replayed from oldest episodes to newest.

So everything else is quite recent, I’ve just dumped a big pile of 3-year-old podcasts right into that bag. And I have hardly been listening to anything else this week.

11 episodes later and I must admit I quite like it. It’s a nice mix of general programming bits of advice and quite specific C# related tips and tricks. Usually, there are some tips how to make your life easier and I loved the episode about what kind of peripherals you should use.

The target audience for this podcast is junior and mid-level developers that would like to learn a new perspective and improve the quality of code they’re writing. I doubt there will be anything that senior dev could actually take away, other than SOLID principles are very confusing even to people that think are familiar with them.

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