I’ve disconnected Network Interface on Azure VM

Why oh why did somebody at Microsoft figured out, that right clicking on context menu element should actually be considered a click. And why oh why somebody else figured out that ‘disable’ is great first option when you’re right clicking on a network interface.

Now take those two small nuances and add a little network lag and if you do it just right you will end up with the title of this post.

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WiX Tools is killing me…

About a year ago I’ve created a simple msi installer for excel plugin. The whole idea was, to copy the proper .xll file to known folder on C drive and enable it by default in Excel. Pretty straightforward and somebody in the team just knew what the solution could be: WiX Installer.

I don’t really remember how it all went down, but I’ve just needed to install WiX tools and edit already existing config file. A year ago it took me about a day to produce msi file that was ready for distribution.

This year it took me similar amount of time to make Visual Studio to work again…

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