Customize your work environment, and why it’s a bad idea

dvorakA long time ago I’ve heard about the Dvorak keyboard layout and how superior it is compared with standard QWERTY layout. After few minutes of Wikipedia research, I’ve learned that QWERTY is one of the worst possible layouts and was introduced with the explicit purpose of slowing down typists. You see a long time ago, in the era of mechanical typewriters, if you happen to push two keys at the same time the machine would jam. This would require you to manually unjam it, which takes only about 2-3 seconds, however, it would happen so often, that loss of speed was noticeable. Enter QWERTY layout – the one that would maximize the distance each finger needs to travel between letters of the English alphabet and therefore make jamming less likely and (paradoxically) increasing overall typing speed.

And a hundred years later, we’re still stuck with it…

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Difficult beginnings

Each one of us can be judged by its actions and inactions. Thoughts are so far well hidden inside those marvelous machines inside our heads and hopefully this state of affairs will continue throughout my lifetime.

In this post I would like to describe mission that this blog aims at and how I would like to achieve that. I don’t expect I would have large following, rather it will be documentation of my professional life.

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