Coding Blocks – great recommendation for beginners

Last week, our colleague Douglas (who hopefully is quite successful in combating dehydration and other threats during his trip to south-east Asia) recommended to me a  programming podcast Coding Blocks. And since object-oriented design patterns were never my strongest side I’ve decided to take some time and try to give it a try. So I immediately downloaded around 30 episodes, which totally clogged my weekly podcast queue.

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For several years now I’m big fan of podcasts and audiobooks. They offered easy and  approachable source of news and knowledge. It all started during my long commute from Gdynia to Tczew, when I was working as a contractor at Gemalto. Me and three of my coworkers were carpooling from Gdynia and we had different driver each week. Either way it was an hour long highway journey with nothing really to do.

I’ve started to listen to audiobooks from Audible back then, that made my rides more interesting to the point that I was almost looking forward to my trip. I even got a pair of bluetooth headphones, which I’ve described in previous post.

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