Bose QuietComfort 35 – almost perfect

BoseQC35 Recently I’ve fallen in love with noise cancelling Bose headphones that I’ve encountered on an exhibition of one of the big have-it-all shops around Westfield. The initial impressions weren’t too great, as a demo version of headphones have (for whatever reason) blocked navigation buttons and I was unable to start/stop playback or rewind.¬†However, after being handed another pair those problems (mostly) went away.

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HP X4000b – connection issues so bad, it makes me cringe

hpx400bSome time ago I’ve bought an ultrabook laptop. It was very light, had a nice screen and was enough for daily web usage. The only problem I had (as with every laptop) was the touchpad. In my opinion, touchpads are devil’s spawn and should be avoided at all cost.

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NCrunch – A plugin that makes TDD sexy

Before I started working at my current job I’ve never seen continuous testing tools. For me running unit test, despite being really useful, was a chore that I would do after modifying several files and (usually) writing few additional tests.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, that several of them will be failing, enabling me to do what developers like the most – fixing errors in their code or, even more fun, fixing errors in somebody else’s code.

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For several years now I’m big fan of podcasts and audiobooks. They offered easy and¬† approachable source of news and knowledge. It all started during my long commute from Gdynia to Tczew, when I was working as a contractor at Gemalto. Me and three of my coworkers were carpooling from Gdynia and we had different driver each week. Either way it was an hour long highway journey with nothing really to do.

I’ve started to listen to audiobooks from Audible back then, that made my rides more interesting to the point that I was almost looking forward to my trip. I even got a pair of bluetooth headphones, which I’ve described in previous post.

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I’ve disconnected Network Interface on Azure VM

Why oh why did somebody at Microsoft figured out, that right clicking on context menu element should actually be considered a click. And why oh why somebody else figured out that ‘disable’ is great first option when you’re right clicking on a network interface.

Now take those two small nuances and add a little network lag and if you do it just right you will end up with the title of this post.

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Difficult beginnings

Each one of us can be judged by its actions and inactions. Thoughts are so far well hidden inside those marvelous machines inside our heads and hopefully this state of affairs will continue throughout my lifetime.

In this post I would like to describe mission that this blog aims at and how I would like to achieve that. I don’t expect I would have large following, rather it will be documentation of my professional life.

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WiX Tools is killing me…

About a year ago I’ve created a simple msi installer for excel plugin. The whole idea was, to copy the proper .xll file to known folder on C drive and enable it by default in Excel. Pretty straightforward and somebody in the team just knew what the solution could be: WiX Installer.

I don’t really remember how it all went down, but I’ve just needed to install WiX tools and edit already existing config file. A year ago it took me about a day to produce msi file that was ready for distribution.

This year it took me similar amount of time to make Visual Studio to work again…

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