For better or worse, we all strive to be productive, to achieve more. Through this blog I would like to document my journey as a developer, enthusiast and a person.

It is not my first blog, I’ve already started a year ago a blog about my move from Poland (where I was born) to London, UK. However due to limited number of things I can actually write about struggles and adventures I have here I decided to create this one, that will more broadly document developer side of my life and things I can get excited about. It also allowed me seamlessly to switch language to English.

My resolution for this blog is, that I will write at least one technical and one non technical post per week.

By technical post I understand a post about tools, methodologies, how-to centered about programing. Non technical posts will mainly focus (as far as I can tell) on books that I’ve read (or listened to, as I’m a big Audible fan), podcasts I’ve recently listened to or gadget that I’ve tested. It might also be more of a philosophical nature, but since there is enough politics on TV and Facebook I will try to constrain myself 😉

Let that blog be my grit challenge, and I let you be the judge