Bose QuietComfort 35 – almost perfect

BoseQC35 Recently I’ve fallen in love with noise cancelling Bose headphones that I’ve encountered on an exhibition of one of the big have-it-all shops around Westfield. The initial impressions weren’t too great, as a demo version of headphones have (for whatever reason) blocked navigation buttons and I was unable to start/stop playback or rewind.¬†However, after being handed another pair those problems (mostly) went away.

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HP X4000b – connection issues so bad, it makes me cringe

hpx400bSome time ago I’ve bought an ultrabook laptop. It was very light, had a nice screen and was enough for daily web usage. The only problem I had (as with every laptop) was the touchpad. In my opinion, touchpads are devil’s spawn and should be avoided at all cost.

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